It has been a long year since the barn collapsed December 26th, 2013. The love and support we have received by everyone has been deeply appreciated and kept me strong to move forward.  At the moment we had have work group parties during the summer months. Many people came out in the hot weather to help with the continuous clean up.

Thank you Everyone.

Once standing proud and a safe place for the animals., no longer exists..

Once standing proud and a safe place for the animals, stands not longer.












November 2014 we had to make a decision….it seemed like the universe was not cooperating, and the crunch was on to get the animals back home. There has been many blips along the way, and disappointments though I will not go into detail as I focus on the positive in the world. We decided to hold off building the new barn until Spring 2015. A temporary shelter was put up so that everyone could come back home.  Running from 5 different farms to look after everyone took a toll on Nancy, though she never complained.  It was shear thrill just to get the animals home.

To everyone who has helped us on this journey, THANK YOU.  For the Strangers who came out to help, just because, words are not enough to tell you how deeply Garth and I appreciate you.


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Born and raised in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Nancy Hutchinson always dreamed of marrying a farmer. Little did she know that one day she would become the farmer. Being a city girl did not stop Nancy from loving the land and raising animals since 2000. She has raised alpacacs since 2002 and has not looked back. Her motto is "Once you go alpaca, you don't go backa!"

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