Adult Alpacas weigh an average of 100 -175 pounds and are about 36′ tall at the withers. Female Alpacas have a gestation period of 11-12 months. Baby Alpacas are called Cria. Alpacas are easy and inexpensive to feed. They are easily transported in a van or stock trailer. Alpacas rarely spit at people but can spit at each other on occasion, but if threatened, they can spit to protect themselves.

Alpaca poop is great for gardens….veggies have never had a better growing area until paca poop! Alpacas generally are NOT killed for meat but in South America it is considered their livestock such as North American cattle or sheep. Alpacas have a wonderful cashmere like fleece that is shorn once a year. Alpaca is hypo allergenic and has little or no lanolin in the fleece.

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